Arpan –Joy of giving. The journey of life from childhood to adolescence and now to adulthood gives us this rudimentary realization that the joy multiplies and sorrow diminishes when shared. Joining Arpan was never a well thought out decision. It just came by as the monotony of the corporate life often compels us to look beyond the PC, the technology and beyond that chair where continuous seating makes us contemplate the very purpose of our life. And yes as we excel in the work we do for a living, Arpan the joy of giving helps our specially privileged and endowed fellow human beings to make a living for themselves by inculcating the very basic human qualities of self-confidence, qualitative thinking and self-belief.

It has been a roller coaster ride being with Arpan for over two years now. Roller coaster in terms of introspection and also being overwhelmed looking at the awe inspiring sincerity, dedication in executing rigorous tasks of the brain storming sessions for formulation of processes, managing resources ,taking consents for executing the plans and finally implementing them on field.

No matter how much do the core members of the Arpan team believe and see it as a fundamental duty of every entity who is breathing, has a physical structure of a human being and has enough for himself to help every other fellow human being who have not been naturally as blessed in terms of resources as we all are to uplift himself and fulfill his dreams and envision and make a wonderful life, but it takes time, umpteen patience and a never ending passion and an extremely benevolent and a pure heart to continue doing the very basic duty of helping our fellow beings .
Yes in this era of ever changing technology, rush hush lives and incessantly declining emotional quotient, we find it hard to get out of our very comfortable lives of 9 to 5 job, family responsibilities, personal aspirations of a very congenial existence and find time to perform our elementary obligation.

Here at Arpan this is the one thing we are trying to achieve, to get out of our comfortable routines and explore the areas where if effort is put, the not so beautiful scenes that we see in our so called destructive society can turn into constructive shaping societies where basic characteristics of human soul are strengthened for a larger welfare.

I just mentioned specially privileged, just a reflection of how can we address them as privileged. That’s because no matter how much accolades we give to ourselves for taking precious time of our day to go and teach them, they have a much larger heart and extraordinary strength to live in resource less surroundings where a running water tap, a mattress, a source of energy and a sleepy and a lazy holiday are elements of a dreamy life and yet they manage to face each day with a smiling face and vigor. They inspire us to have a greater gratitude than we have for our subsistence and circumstance.

The Arpan Padhai programme comprises of a very comprehensive, ever evolving procedure of collecting and implementing brain teasing activities for the kids and children that surpasses the age old rote learning and serves no greater benefit than being promoted to the next class. This programme goes parallel to our corporate world work where most of us are challenged to think out of the box and bring something new each day and here at Arpan we challenge ourselves to bring one interesting activity or a game every day that adds excitement and thrill to the learning and transcends from traditional ratification system to an application oriented education structure.

The experience of taking a class with the kids and that one hour of teaching and learning is pure bliss and a retreat for the soul. The gratification of our delivery and their whole hearted acceptance that manifests itself in a slight increase in their knowledge level leaves us delighted and motivated for our next class. The continuous sequence of giving and receiving brings in much more into our lives than we imagine as it makes us more responsible, crave for more learning as we know enthusiastic minds are awaiting for us to explore their potential and exceed boundaries.

In all the work that the Arpan team delivers on field, there is a much larger backend work that is hidden from everyone’s eye and which plays a huge role in the construction of ideas and their consequent delivery. The series of meetings, discussions helps us collaborate on a greater level as it gives us the spirit of working in a team, continuous inspiration for bringing in new ideas and also regularly boosts our ever declining motivation to work for greater good.

These meetings leave a greater impact on our heart and mind as they leave us to think and act with greater determination, wider strength and with everlasting compassion.
The Arpan team works with a vision that enunciates the belief “Adding value to someone else’s life is the secret ingredient to building a thriving community.”
Jai Hind

Tanumeet Kaur

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