Started in 2012, with the idea of being the change rather than wanting the change, Education track has touched many lives.

We started with 15 volunteers and around 50 kids in Padhai 1.0 and now we have 160+ volunteers and 500 kids in Padhai 15.0

This cycle especially the hard work of Arpan Padhai has resulted into an exceptional performance by the students, with 70% of the kids of Shastri Nagar being promoted to the next knowledge level.

Majority of families belonging to EWS (Economically Weaker Section) were unaware about the EWS reservation of seats under RTE (Right to Education) act. Targeted awareness drives were done to make parents aware about their rights and number of kids admitted in good private schools has now increased to 75.

After successfully experimenting the Arpan Padhai model with Shashtri nagar kids, Arpan has extended its reach to government schools.

Volunteers of Arpan Padhai team have started regular 6 days a week classes in Sector 27 model school and sector 15 govt school on a regular basis. To help identify the gap in the existing education system, school is completely cooperating in implementing the Arpan Padhai education model.

In one of the government schools Arpan targeted this year for special classes, 63% kids were below the required knowledge level which was brought down to 36% .

A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives – Jackie Robinson