Started in 2012, with the idea of being the change rather than wanting the change, Education track also known as Padhai has touched many lives.

We started with 15 volunteers and around 50 kids in Padhai 1.0 and now we have expanded our reach to 2000+ kids in slums and Government Schools and close to 12000 person hours of efforts have been spent on this over the last year.

Paathshala Program:

After successfully implementing the Arpan Padhai model in Shashtri Nagar slum, we have extended our reach to government schools. We started a pilot education initiative in 2017-2018 in collaboration with Government School, Sector 27, Chandigarh. Looking at its success, Education Secretary (Chandigarh) requested us to implement PaathShaala program in 5 Government Schools.

Arpan is planning to take it further to 15 schools next year and to 30 by the following year. As a part of PaathShaala program:

a. Analysis Test was conducted for Classes 3-5 in schools and segregation of students based on test results was done.

b. Teachers were trained to teach our curriculum using pedagogical methods.

c. Classes were conducted in Zero hour with focus on Languages (Hindi and English) and Mathematics.

d. Post completion, another Analysis test was conducted to analyze the impact of the program, report of the analysis test is shared with the department of Education.

e. As per education department survey in one of the school under PaathShaala program there is 70 percent improvement in learning ability of kids


Upliftment of education in local slum area (Shastry Nagar):

We are active in this area for last eight years, through which the reach has expanded from 10 kids to 350 kids. Apart from educating the kids, Arpan runs a separate Literacy Program for 15 Adults. Following are education programs are running in this area:

  1. Regular Classes: We completed three education programs of 12 weeks each. In these programs, 147 volunteers participated in multiple roles like coordinator, educator etc. 80% of students cleared their respective levels in the annual results. Classes were conducted six times a week for an hour along with additional classes for kids, who required special attention. Around 2700 hrs. of effort was spent by volunteers and teachers in every iteration of this program.
  2. Unnati Program: Unnati is a talent recognition program for kids to overcome stage fear & attain confidence. a. We conducted first ever Summer camp for kids on Dance, Yoga, Public Speaking, Group Discussions and Acrobats b. We conducted Diwali workshop at the education center to enhance art and craft where kids painted and decorated Diya and stones, which later on were put on sale during Diwali Mela in Office. As a result of this program, the kids who were not participating in daily classes are now actively asking queries and sharing their concerns. Kids have learned Public speaking, Yoga, Dancing, Acrobats, Art and Craft using waste material and basic painting during the initiative.
  3. Bridge program for sponsored kids: As there are some dedicated and promising kids who are sponsored by Arpan for school education; a bridge program is run to ensure they are able to assimilate into the new environment. Regular classes are conducted to clear their queries and curriculum and behavior understanding. Volunteers organize PTMs (Parent Teacher Meeting) for these kids and enable their parents in monitoring the kids progress. Currently 33 kids are sponsored under this program who are performing exceedingly well in Education & Sports program.
  4. Arpan Internship Program: This program gave a chance to the local folks in the role of teacher. Three interns Maya, Pushpa and Muskan had joined with us in the month of April ,2019 and have taken up responsibility of three classes which covers the basic program of Arpan Education and targets around 150 students. One of the three interns has herself been a student of the Arpan Education Program. Interns take 6 days a week classes covering the basics of three subjects English, Hindi and Mathematics and Personality Development classes. This has brought a revolutionary change and has laid the base for growth and expansion of our education program.
  5. Adult Literacy Program: 15 women and men of the slum are taught the basics of education, which includes alphabets, letters, usage of mobiles, numbers. The students under this program are in age group of 25 to 55 years. This program enables them to do basic day to day operations like reading hospital ward numbers, filling forms, interacting with grocery stores, etc. These people now independently operate their bank accounts, mobile phones, ATMs and do budgeting.
  6. Mentorship program for Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya: 10 Students in 5th class were taught under this program. This program focuses on the yearly entrance exam conducted for Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas, which are Central Government-funded institutions.
  7. Education support for higher education: 4 Kids who were part of our education program and have cleared 12th examination, have been given financial assistance for their graduation in reputed colleges in Chandigarh. Arpan team regularly connects and monitors their progress.
  8. Recreational visits: Around 25+ co-curricular activities including sports, nature walk, museums and zoo visits organized, leading to the overall development of 400+ kids, including children of Infosys support staff.

Sabbatical for Arpan:

In past one year two people have taken up sabbatical from Infosys to create curriculums and expand the reach of education program. We have prepared curriculum for Maths, Hindi and English for the Arpan Basic Program and currently work is in progress to create curriculum for Arpan Advanced Program. This has helped us in better understanding the educational challenges, pedagogical approach in education, approach to teach languages and holistic development of a Child.

Maths Mela

Arpan organized Math Mela to make kids love math through a deeper understanding of the basics as opposed to rote learning. Around 160 kids participated in the event, in which some basic and advanced concepts of Maths were covered. The event was inaugurated by our DC head, Abhishek Goyal and anchored by Franey Sood (Infoscion from Chd DC) who is doing her community empathy sabbatical with Arpan.

Teachers Training Program

Arpan organized two teacher training programs for 70+ Govt school teachers to ensure innovative learning in class rooms. These teachers are part of the Arpan Education program in their respective govt schools. Theses one-day trainings were conducted in collaboration with the Department of Education of Chandigarh to share the insights and achievements of the program and disseminate the pedagogical learnings. The vision behind the workshop was to illustrate the “Concrete Pictorial Abstract” (CPA) approach and share the teaching content developed by Arpan with the teachers. The workshop also focused on the behavioral aspects of teachers and how that impacts a child’s growth and progress. Ten teachers from five schools were honored and felicitated for their dedication to their vocation. Once the session ended, the children presented their models from the Maths Mela to the teachers. It received a positive response from the teachers and their engagement was very inspiring for us.

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