20 Kids suffering from kidney ailments are being sponsored for medicines. Many used to miss appointments with doctor. But after regular follow ups, we have improved the consistency in treatment, resulting in the recovery of 3 kids who are no longer dependent on medicines.


Weekly Chaupals are conducted in Shastri Nagar to educate and aware the people of the Slum on various issues.

Smokeless Kitchens:

Many families in the targeted were using unclean wooden fuel for cooking. We have conducted several drives to spread awareness among the residents about the benefits of LPG usage, resulting in the transition of 15 families to clean LPG fuel.

Drive against Dengue/Malaria:

Involved residents in spreading awareness on mosquito borne diseases, due to which fogging drives were conducted by Chandigarh Municipality in Shastri Nagar.

Resolution of water problem:

Collaborating with Administration and Sarpanch to resolve the acute water problem in Shastri Nagar by getting one water pipeline in the area.

Under sanitary pad distribution and awareness program, we have covered 1530 girls in 4 Government Schools who were unaware about menstrual hygiene and usage of sanitary pads. Through our awareness sessions we built confidence in girls so that they can talk about menstruation without hesitation, along with spreading awareness about proper hygiene and majority of them have started using sanitary pads now.

Heath Checkup camps:

We have organized many Heath Checkup camps and every year 2 Blood donation camps are conducted in Infosys campus, in collaboration with Government Hospitals. Over period of 7 years we have collected 4200 units of blood, saving thousands of lives.