The fact that three girls died of hunger in Delhi recently, reflects that rats have a better life in India. According to the Labor Bureau statistics, we have become the nation of the most unemployed in the world. As per the Quint’s microsite Lynchistan, 75 people have been killed in the incidents of mob-violence since 2015. As per the Annual Survey of Education Report (ASER) conducted by Pratham Ngo, it was found that a substantial number of government schools have 14-year-old students six years behind what would be expected of them on average.

Reading the above facts, I hope you all will agree that there is a need for a “Change”.
And if there is a need for change then it shouldn’t be hard for us to understand that there is a need of lot of work to bring that “Change”. Now the question arises who will work to bring the “Change”?
I often keep going through posts on various social media platforms to understand the mindset of people of our nation. And recently I read below post from one of my friend:
“Are you doing your job the way it should be done, “with dedication, with honesty”? It could be anything …. being a sweeper, being an engineer, being an actor…. If Yes, then stay away from the guilt of not doing something for society….”
This post made me ponder over the need to work for Change. I am convinced that I am doing my job with dedication and honesty, so does that mean I can stop my social work activities in which I have been involved for the past 5 years. But wait, I am doing my job with honesty, what about others?

Are most of our Doctors treating their patients with honesty and not looting them by prescribing costly medicines and referring them to Labs which give them commissions? Are most of our Teachers, paying proper attention to kids during school class and not providing costly tuition at their homes to the same set of kids?
Is a common man not at all afraid of approaching our nearby Police station for help?
Till the time our answer to all above question is a big “NO”, there is a need for all of us to work for the Change.
But the biggest hurdle to work for a change is that our circle of concern is limited to our career, family and friends. I agree that if we devote our entire time to each one of them, we will progress a lot. We will have a better career with fat package, a well settled family and a lot of good friends and connections. So, we will be progressing fast. But wait, what about the progress of our society?

A whopping 82% of all of the wealth generated in India between the second quarter of 2016 and the corresponding period in 2017, went to the top 1%, according to the latest survey by Oxfam. I hope you will agree that this does not reflect a thriving economy but a failing economic system. Those working hard are finding it hard to survive. Ram Kishan, a middle aged farmer in Haryana, gives his blood and sweat to satisfy the hunger of our nation, but sometimes he has to sleep empty stomach. Altaaf, a laborer involved in building 7-star hotel in Mumbai, still does not have a cemented roof over his head!!
When there is lack of inclusive growth, when we still have millions of poor, hungry, illiterate and unemployed people, vulnerable to be pushed to crime; will our progress be of much use when our society still remains backwards?
Is there a need for you to work for a Change?

The answer to this question lies within you. Just think silently for a moment and answer it to yourself…

Jagdeep Singh Hans

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