Sustainability sets the boundary between exploring and exploiting resources. Sustainability itself is a futuristic concept and our team believes that futuristic ideas are established only through education. Education paves the road to a sustainable environment. It is crucial to analyze if the resources are used how they are supposed to be used. Thus, education and awareness programs play a vital role in being an eye opener to discussions concerning environment and sustainability. Hence, Arpan has been giving its undivided attention towards education and awareness drives to encourage people into practicing sustainability.

Atasi – Livelihood & Environmental friendly Program

Providing employment to women of slum areas. Arpan team with the help of women successfully put up stalls to sell and also delivered orders. The profit was distributed among the self-help group members. Total 2000 Jute bags were sold in 2018-19 generating a revenue of around INR 1.2 lacs.

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For more information on Atasi and its products, please visit:

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Tree Plantation Drives

We have conducted tree plantation drives in various areas in and nearby Chandigarh. This has resulted in awareness in people towards importance of trees and has added another step for a more sustainable environment. 2000+ saplings are planted every year in various schools, colleges, hospitals, parks from Tri City area. Seed ball plantation drives were organized in Chandigarh and Gurgaon. Approximately 20,000 seed balls were planted for sustainable environment and spreading environment awareness.

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Providing support to Handicraft Society

We have provided below support to Patiala Handicraft Workshop Cooperative Industrial Society Ltd:

  • Construction of two toilets
  • Help in setting up 2 Exhibitions cum sale in Infosys Campus     It has helped in building self-reliance among the women to push them to setup their own enterprise eventually and become self-employed.

Providing support to Gurudwara in PGI

Arpan has provided its consistent support in below:

  • Providing Groceries on regular basis for its community kitchen
  • Donated 2 industrial type air coolers
  • Donated 2 water coolers
  • Provided Pillows
  • LED lights installation
  • Solar Panel Installation

This has proved to be of great help to the family members of poor patients who visit PGI Hospital in large numbers.